rend•er {verb}

1. to provide, to give
2. to cause to be, to make, to create
3. to represent or depict artistically
4. to reduce down to the most meaningful elements

Render Weddings

Hello and welcome. I’m Britt and I am the one-woman-show behind Render Photography. I’m the dork who started photography club in high school, the weirdo who married her high school sweetheart way too young (no apologies!), and the gal who fell accidentally into photographing romance for a career. 16 years and a hundred-some weddings later and you better believe I still tear up at Every. Single. One.

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Kayla + Mike

We cannot say enough about how wonderful Britt was. If we could give her a 100 stars we would. Not only she is the sweetest person to work with, but she is so organized, very detailed oriented, and insanely talented. I didn't know the first thing about wedding photography - she made the whole experience super easy and stress free. She made us both feel so comfortable while doing all of our sessions. Her work is nothing short of amazing. She truly knows how to capture the moment and her work is so so so so beautiful!


We just had our wedding on the North Shore in Minnesota and Britt did THE BEST job. I can’t believe the photos we have gotten back from her, they are incredible. Britt does not ever give less than 110% when she is your photographer. She is professional, a high achiever, and is super easy to get along with and understanding. On our wedding day it rained all day, [but] no matter what happens on your day, if you choose Britt you WILL get all the shots that you want. She knows how to work the camera to make you look your very best with a ton of different poses and she truly cares. We could not have had a better photographer or experience.


Our pictures turned out so beautiful and ethereal. I was drawn to Britt's artistic style and talent which is why I picked her for our wedding, and certainly do not regret it! I'm not used to being photographed so I can be a little awkward, but she made it very comfortable. On the day of, I was really impressed with Britt's patience and decisive leadership when it came to herding our giant wedding party (16 people total) and family. She made the process fun too! I really cannot recommend Britt enough!


We loved working with Britt of Render Photography. I was blown away by the details, the emotions, the feelings and the stories the photos told. If you are looking for a photographer to capture the REAL moments, the best ones... you found her! Beyond that, Britt was an absolute JOY to work with from the very start. She is friendly, talented, professional, punctual, and creative every step of the way. I loved that Britt was all business. She got through the shot list and stuck to the timeline while effortlessly wrangling our group and remaining extremely professional. Thank you, Britt, for being awesome and capturing such fabulous and artistic images of our big fat Greek wedding!

Katie + Chris

OBSESSED with our wedding photos! Everyone keeps saying, "those should be in a magazine!" The advice we kept getting & reading about was that photography was not the place to try to save money or to skimp out. So, we picked the photographer we really wanted, and we have zero regrets. We're in-love with our photos, and everything about the process working with Render Photography was easy, professional, organized, and timely. Britt is kind, funny, honest, helpful, and of course, extremely talented - a true artist! I connected with her written description of her work (the meaningfulness & honest story-telling), so we put our trust in her to do what she does best.

Katie + Josh

Britt was the one and only photographer we met with before deciding that Britt was it! After we met, we knew we wanted her to capture our wedding day. Britt is professional, creative, and has a vision. We were done shooting our engagement session and left the apple orchard we were shooting at. As we were driving we received a call from Britt and she was like the sunset is too amazing not to stop and take pictures can you turn around?! Britt is so talented at what she does! She knows what she is doing, and our engagement and wedding photos say it all. You will not regret working with Render Photography for your professional photos, I can promise you that!





My fiance and I are super awkward. What can you do to help us?

Awkward people are my favorite people. My style starts with body language coaching (hips together, arms here, hands like this -- all aimed at reproducing ACTUAL body language between two in-love people). And the second part of my technique is instigating real emotional reactions -- I might have you whisper something in your partner's ear, do a weird movement, or just say something dumb to make you laugh. The point is, I'm going to put you in a flattering shape, then make it look like you just happened to be there, like that, looking joyful and in love and in the moment. I'll tell you exactly what to do and then take your mind off the fact that you're being photographed. I got you.

How much time do I need?

A classic question with no single answer! I always learn what my couple is hoping for, what rules their venues may have, and when sunset happens on your wedding day to help plan the best use of your time and fit in everything that you need -- please feel free to ask me for a quick sample timeline and I'll ask a few questions and get you going with a rough idea. I typically like to have 60-90 min for getting ready, 45 min for wedding party, 30 min for family, and 60 min total with the bride and groom alone throughout the day (often 15-20 min at 3-4 different times), through 60 min of dancing. I find that small, simple weddings at one location can fit comfortably into 6 hours. An average wedding is 8 hours. And some that involve long ceremonies, multiple locations, etc. can reach up to 12.

Should I do an engagement session?

I love engagement sessions and if it were me getting married, I would do one, that's why I offer a 50 min engagement session with 50 images to my wedding clients at a discount! An engagement session gives me a chance to get to know you and for you to get comfortable with me. I might get to know any funny habits you have like making awkward hand shapes or an accidental duck face during photos (those are my own weird photo habits) and learn to coach you away from them. It also builds trust on your end — you see that even if you think my jokes are dumb or you feel like my instructions are dorky, you end up looking incredible. This can put a lot of people much more at ease on the wedding day. That said, I often work with clients who don’t want or need the engagement session added onto their wedding package. And that is totally cool.

I want to book! What do you need from me?

First, awesome! I am stoked that you love what you see! Now, before you make a decision, please feel free to request an in-person meeting with me. It’s complimentary of course and you can check to make sure I’m not a total weirdo -- although I promise to be a little bit weird ;) If you are planning from a distance or just too busy to meet in person, I often do initial meetings over Zoom or phone call. Your photographer is honestly the person you’ll spend the most time with on your wedding day besides maybe your new spouse, so it’s important you don’t find them annoying, that's why I think this step is great :) That initial meeting is not required, it’s just on the table if you’d like it — you can certainly just shoot me an email telling me your mind is made up and you’d like to make a booking! There are three booking items that I need in order to reserve a day officially:

1. Wedding Questionnaire (collects contact info, venue location, etc)
2. Signed wedding contract
3. A $1000 payment to serve as a retainer for your wedding date

I collect all of this electronically - it's super slick :)