rend•er {verb}

1. to provide, to give
2. to cause to be, to make, to create
3. to represent or depict artistically
4. to reduce down to the most meaningful elements

Render Portraits

Welcome and thank you for your interest in my work! My approach to portraits has two priorities, first, that I show what you look like. This is that traditional portrait where everyone is looking at the camera and smiling, a tradition that exists for a reason and I stand by it. However, my second priority is the one that I feel is truly important, and that is to show who you are and to tell your story. This one is more difficult but the part that drives me and excites me. It’s getting that genuine laughter, instigating real emotions, and capturing moments that show your connection to the people you love. I photograph a wide variety of portrait types including newborn, maternity, family, graduating seniors, and branding portraits for professionals.

Three Session Types

I offer three different sessions for portrait work. They are the 20 minute mini session, the 50 minute session, and the 2 hour newborn. Mini sessions are held on a set day and time once each month January – November and sometimes more during summer and fall. 50 minute sessions allow more flexibility in scheduling and in choosing your own location as well as more time for variety and getting comfortable in front of the camera. Newborn sessions can be done in your home or at my studio in NE Minneapolis. Pricing for each session type comes in two payments: The booking fee acts as a retainer for reserving your day and time and digital and print products are sold separately so that you have control over your budget and are able to make your decisions after you’ve viewed your images.



Session Fee $75

Average Client Total $525



Session Fee $175

Average Client Total - $750



Session Fee $275

Average Client Total $975


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How do I make a booking?

The first step is always to contact me. From there, we'll settle on your session type and the day, time, and location of your session. I'll send a link where you'll pay your booking fee online and that will officially put your reservation on the calendar. Emailing is the best way to get a hold of me.

How do I choose images for purchase?

Two weeks after your session, I'll reach out with an online gallery of preview images and you'll have one week to use a super easy favorites tool to mark images that you'd like to purchase. From there, I give a little extra photoshop love to your favorite images, then republish the gallery with the shopping cart turned on. The shopping menu will allow you to purchase digital files, wall prints, canvases, and even custom albums all in one place. Your booking invoice will show two options for saving on gallery items when you purchase gallery credits in advance.

Are there some tricks you can recommend for preparing small children for a session?

First, tell your kiddo what to expect — “britt will be in charge and we’ll all need to do just what she says. she’ll have games for us to play and there will be plenty of time to be silly!”
Second, a bribe, "it will be fun and it will go by fast, but we will have to use our listening ears and follow directions to earn our treat, right?” Plan to celebrate after a good session — maybe going out to ice cream, doing a favorite activity, or simply earning a treat from mom’s purse on the ride home. Having something to work for is motivating!
Third, a backup bribe. this is for the ones who are half way through their 25 minutes and are unmoved by a far-off promise of ice-cold dairy, but might be motivated by an instant reward (this was my little guy from 2 to 4 yrs old). Don’t talk about this one ahead of time or it could be an unnecessary distraction, but your ace-in-the-hole is a mess-free, colorless, tiny treat — like yogurt melts or mini marshmallows. They’re a great idea to have in your purse if nothing is working but some old fashioned one-to-one ratio of smiles to treats might — one smile, one treat, repeat. #parenting #bribery #notcreatinganoblehumanchildonportraitday.
Fourth, full tummies. plan to have a meal or a substantial snack before your session. Hangry kids (and adults!) are the worst.

What should we wear?

Dressing for portraits can be a challenge — you want to toe the line between wearing something that is totally you and wearing something that tells the story of what a strong, beautiful, fairytale family you are. The most useful concept for me in dressing a family is to remember that the eye is drawn to the point of greatest contrast in an image. If one person wears white and everyone has on dark shades, your eye goes there. If everyone is in subdued solids and one person has a rainbow sweater on, our eye goes there. So the goal is to choose a color palette of 3-5 related colors and repeat those colors throughout the group to seek balance. This keeps the eye moving around the image and drawn to faces and expressions. Every booking includes a detailed PDF styling guide full of ideas and recommendations as well as access to our online styling tool, Style and Select which allows you to visually plan your color palette and shop at the same time.

I think I’d like to make an album, how do I do that?

Oh my goodness, getting your images off of your screen and into real life is so important. There are actual studies done proving a child’s self-worth is higher when they can see themselves in family photos displayed in the home! Not to mention that hard drives crash and storage drives become obsolete in no time. But a hand-crafted album on your coffee table or on your shelf is there to stay. Album pricing is based on the size of the book and the number of images in it — so you really can get exactly what you want. Our album design and ordering process is now available using your online gallery -- you'll be able to design your layouts yourself using super easy drag-and-drop software, choose all the details that make the album unique, and submit payment all in once place. Our professional album partner is Minnesota-based, so production and shipping times are fast too! You can save $100 on the cost of a printed album when you purchase in advance -- you'll see that option on your booking invoice.

What if my toddler is a punk during the entire session?

I've divided my pricing into two steps and it works great for this rare scenario. The booking fee you pay at the time of booking covers my time and talent on the day of the session with no obligations or purchase minimums. Keep your attitude positive during the session because often we are able to get more joyful content than it may appear. And if, after viewing your previews, you are still unhappy, you can purchase nothing, dust yourself off, and try again on a different day :)

What if the weather is crummy?

Overcast skies are great for portraits. I LOVE it when it gets windy and hair blows all around. A little bit of light rain is no problem. Snow is fantastic and there are few temperatures that bother me. I love all kinds of weather for portraits and I try to keep every appointment that goes on the books because I understand how tough it can be to get a whole group together. If we get a considerable amount of rain, however, we may need to cancel a session and reschedule for another day, and I do my best to be in contact at least two hours before the session time if it looks like we’ll need to do that.