Branding Portraits

Let's be real. We're living in a world where we're a lot more disconnected in a lot more ways than we once were. Maybe I'm just being a nostalgic, aging Millenial here, but our lives are occurring more and more over email, phone, and video calls than ever before -- and it has many of us really craving those in-person connections that we used to get far more often in REAL life. So it's becoming more important for professionals to have a visual way to represent themselves with colleagues and clients.

Personal Branding with Render

Personal branding sessions have one job — to represent YOU and do it in an honest and positive way. Ideal branding portraits for you might be a simple and straight-forward studio session, portraits with the tools of your trade in your workspace, or outdoor images with movement and personality. Whatever you are looking for, I love creating high-quality images that reflect you, the work you love, and what you hope to share with others. Scroll through three types of branding styles below to get a sense for what might be best for you.


Personal Branding Styles

A classic, studio look


The Render studio is a great option for creating a clean, minimal portrait in natural light.


A Workspace Look


Ann is a business owner who works from home mentoring other small businesses on marketing, systems, and balancing work and home life. We planned a session in her home and office that would reflect her personality and values and that would lend relevant non-portrait imagery for her to use on her website and social media.


A Creative Outdoor Look


Personal branding portraits outside can be a great option, especially for those whose brand identity is related to fashion, the outdoors, creativity, or personality.




My investment structure for personal branding sessions is the same as for my other portrait offerings.

See the pricing summary below and view more details on the 50 Min Sessions page.


More Inspiration


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