rend•er {verb}

1. to provide, to give
2. to cause to be, to make, to create
3. to represent or depict artistically
4. to reduce down to the most meaningful elements

Render Boudoir

I love to photograph humans in all kinds of ways, but making intimate portraits for women is my passion. I find nothing more rewarding than helping a woman to feel worthy, joyful, and deserving of every good thing in life. And for many of us, seeing ourselves as others see us is a path to allowing ourselves to admit and believe that we already are whole and beautiful and ENOUGH just as we are.

I am SO into this stuff that I’ve created a whole website and brand devoted to it, so follow the links below to learn more about intimate portraits.

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You can also find me on Facebook at 'Render Boudoir' and inside my private group 'Render Boudoir VIP'