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rend•er (verb): 1. to provide or give   2. to cause to be or to become; make   3. to represent or depict artistically; to translate   4. to reduce down to the most meaningful elements


Render Photography is a company built on simplicity. For weddings, the simplest truth for me is that my job is helping you remember as clearly as possible that day in your life where you choose another  human being to entwine your roots with. And for me that means not just being there, but being connected with my clients and pushing them through that awkward feeling of being in front of the camera until just the real emotions and connections are left in the photographs.

My basic wedding package is simple and sweet — and you can build on exactly what you need from there. The package includes full-resolution digital files for archiving, sharing, and printing and includes absolutely no high-pressure sales, because if you know me, you know I’m just not into that. I take pride in the transparency of sharing my prices up front with no mysteries, so here you have it. Prices can change from time to time, but once you make a deposit, you lock in the pricing offered at the time that you book.

So if you are looking through my portfolio and feeling that little tug on the heart strings, that’s called connection. And we should do more of that.