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Have you ever written an about me page for yourself? It’s bananas. As if you could really get to know me because I tell you I love coffee and tacos and double stuf oreos. I mean, who friggin’ doesn’t? And yeah, I love dogs too and kangaroos and traveling and embarrassing my kids — and horses and whiskey and LOVE but that’s all standard. I do love wearing goggles at bars and throwing elaborate theme parties and showing up to house-warming gatherings dressed as Old Gregg, but I usually don’t tell people that or they’ll think I’m weird, so I definitely don’t want to talk about that. An about me section should certainly make me seem qualified for the job, so it should mention some awards and probably that I’ve been at this for 10 years and that some people even say I’m pretty okay at it. But that seems totally braggy and I gotta seem ~~# humble~~ so probably scratch that too. A professional photographer should have some sweet profile photos so all iPhone selfies are completely unusable, and it should probably use cool, trendy words to describe my photography style too like modern, emotional, romantic, and authentic. Or documentary style, or photojournalistic or analog would sound rad. But I dunno, I feel corny writing that stuff down because honestly —  my photos, to me, just look the way they look and I can’t seem to change it — something like my soul or what I’v got in my heart just leaks into the camera and gets all over everything. One time a friend and client of mine  said, “your love comes out in your art” and I hope that he’s right. Because I guess that’s all I’m hoping to do is share what I have.

I love stories. I’d love to hear yours and I’d love to help tell a part of it. I hope to hear from you.

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