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rend•er (verb): 1. to provide or give 2. to cause to be or to become; make 3. to represent or depict artistically; to translate 4. to reduce down to the most meaningful elements


How do I begin to explain how much I believe that the world needs more women in it who have been photographed in a completely vulnerable and empowering way? THIS is where my passion lives. I love to do the work, one woman at a time, of tearing down the differences we perceive between ourselves and the girls in magazines. A lot of my clients do a boudoir session as a gift for their partner, but they always walk away from the experience feeling more beautiful, more confident, and more powerful than they did before — and hell if that isn’t a gift to give yourself! Making peace with who you are right now and appreciating your body enough to put it in front of a camera are immense acts of self love and it feels so so good to help women put that love there. I am a woman who photographs women the way I would want someone to photograph me — please contact me with any questions you may have on what, precisely, that looks like. For now I’ll let the photos do the talking.